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Reading Group Trip to Nelson Algren’s Neighborhood

Reading Group Trip to Nelson Algren’s Neighborhood

After we completed the extremely challenging novel, we decided it would be nice to take a walk around the area to see the apartments where Algren lived while writing the novel and in the years after and to see if we could find any evidence of the community that he described seventy years ago.  The language in the novel is difficult and the story line is often depressing, so the weather we had for our walk seemed to be a perfect match.

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A Day in Chicago; Reminiscing on AEPP

A Day in Chicago; Reminiscing on AEPP

The ELI Team ended 2021 on a high note by taking to the city and making a few stops along the way. While we were there, we couldn’t help but think about our wonderful students and the hard work they accomplished throughout the AEPP and Academic Year!  Our first stop...

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“I took Spoken Communication: Academic Presentations because, for my future career, it is extremely important to be able to communicate in a proper and interesting way. I learned how to use my voice when speaking, the best body language for presentations, and how to best design PowerPoint, among other things. I think with this class, students will gain more confidence in their own communication and presentation skills. I’m glad I now have these skills on my CV!”



I took Spoken Communication: Conversation in Context because I wanted to find ways to communicate better and to think more like an American in order to be better understood. My instructor was wonderful and always had an answer for my questions; if you follow his advice, you will be very happy with the results. I definitely feel more confident after taking this class.”


Lecturer, Romance Languages

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