Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program (AEPP)


Registration for AEPP 2024 begins on May 1. 


The AEPP is a three-week summer course that builds academic proficiency in North American English.


The AEPP is an intensive program designed for incoming international degree-seeking students for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL) and who have not lived or studied extensively in Chicago. The program features interwoven linguistic, cultural, and academic objectives, and students interact with a range of topics and materials as they explore Hyde Park, the City of Chicago, and the university. Our curriculum is rigorous, and students will be seriously challenged regardless of their level of English.

The AEPP has two tracks: (A) Speaking and (B) Writing

Unfortunately, you cannot do both, as the two tracks have similar content and themes

(the assignments are speaking- vs. writing-based).



2024 Flyers (pdf)

Finding Chicago: Global Perspectives


In the AEPP students:


  • Build spoken or written Academic English proficiency through meaningful opportunities to improve linguistic performance in a range of North American contexts;
  • Establish a working knowledge of the City of Chicago, its history, neighborhoods, cultural diversity, and social issues through readings, films, television programs, and lectures;
  • Integrate into the UChicago campus, Hyde Park, and City of Chicago through structured out-of-class activities exploring neighborhoods and key cultural institutions;
  • Meet and network with students and professionals from different countries and areas of expertise.

Register for the AEPP:


Incoming international graduate students will express interest via Slate or by contacting the Admissions / Dean of Students office

All other individuals can contact us at aepp [at]


“I took the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program: Speaking because I was worried about my English before coming to UChicago. And I definitely made the right decision! My English was improved not only by gaining more language learning skills, but also by being more confident and more willing to express myself and learning from others. My instructor James was always patient and open to all my questions and suggestions. I also want to say ‘thank you’ for my dearest classmates for always supporting me and encouraging me for everything. We are now very close friends and I know they will be always with me.”


M.P.P. Student

“In the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program (AEPP), the most important takeaway for me was meeting my friends of the “Hyde Park Gang”. The Hyde Park Gang is a group of friends that we made during the AEPP. Although we are from different divisions, since that summer, we have met each other at least two times a week. We adopted that name because we all live close in Hyde Park, and we founded our group influenced by stories of gangs in Chicago. But do not take me wrong, the most dangerous characteristic of our gang is that we hope maybe to win a Nobel Prize in the future!”


M.P.P. Student

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