AEPP Schedule and Calendar

The 2021 AEPP has two sessions:

Note: We anticipate that the majority of AEPP 2021 students will participate remotely due to COVID-19. The calendars will continue to be updated

The AEPP schedule includes the following activities:

AEPP Check-in: Students check in with AEPP staff, meet their instructors and classmates, and receive weekend assignments

AEPP Welcome: Students receive an orientation from AEPP staff and network with other AEPP students

Intensive Academic English Course: Students build spoken or written Academic English proficiency as they synthesize, analyze, and integrate the linguistic and cultural information acquired out of class (3-hour session in the morning or afternoon)

Language-Infused Cultural Programming: Chicago as Virtual Classroom: Through structured activities, students build confidence and cultural knowledge.

Out-of-Class Activities: Students prepare for UChicago academic culture through daily, rigorous assignments

Friday Workshop: Various Topics: The AEPP instructors lead workshops on a variety of linguistic and cultural topics

Extracurricular (Optional) Activities: 

  • AEPP Tutor
  • AEPP Virtual Social Event
  • Sports with Josh
  • Wellness with Julie
  • Board Games with Shane

The AEPP instructor conducted the classes in a way that students felt comfortable to share their own opinions and views. All the tasks were very helpful for the comprehension of North American culture. I will definitely recommend the AEPP to my peers.

2019 AEPP-Speaking Student

This course went beyond my expectations. If you are motivated to improve your academic writing from a fresh perspective and also learn more about the interesting stories of Chicago, come take this class 🙂

2019 AEPP-Writing Student

This three-week intensive course has two tracks: (A) Speaking and (B) Writing.

You cannot do both, as the two tracks have similar content and themes (but the assignments will be speaking- vs. writing-based).

“I enrolled in the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program: Writing because because I thought this is a great opportunity to learn North American academic writing, and it did really help me a lot. My instructor, Tim is very patient and thoughtful. He explained topics like controlling claims, sentence boundaries, and even networking etiquette. In addition, we even had outdoor excursion, which was a great way to get to know Chicago and your cohort! Lastly, thanks every instructor and staff member in the AEPP for providing such a fun and warm place for us to learn and have fun!”


Masters student

“I took the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program as a requirement for my graduate program. However, I not only found it useful, but also very interesting in regards to what you can learn about Chicago and its neighborhoods. Christine is a very fun instructor! Classes were both open discussions on social issues, such as segregation in Chicago, and tips on English grammar and pronunciation. Some other important aspects covered were learning about health system in US and how to navigate in UChicago. I think that the AEPP has an interesting feature for everyone from networking to history.”


PhD student

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