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Through academic, professional, and intercultural programming, the English Language Institute supports individuals for whom English is an additional language at the University of Chicago.

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At the English Language Institute, we focus on serving the linguistic and cultural needs of the University of Chicago international community. We empower University of Chicago students and scholars who speak English as an additional language to raise their proficiency and confidence to a new level.

We serve individuals from all facets of the university—from undergraduates to postdoctoral scholars—in every school and division. Part of the Division of the Humanities and UChicagoGRAD, we work closely with university faculty, students, and administrators to ensure that curricula are relevant, challenging, and tailored to the unique needs of University of Chicago individuals.

We actively participate in university initiatives with the goal of ensuring equal opportunity for the international community, and we provide students with the communicative tools and intercultural knowledge to navigate their lives at the University of Chicago and beyond. We also provide an open and interactive environment, in which we believe that some of the best learning happens.

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Meet the ELI


Our pedagogy specialists and instructors have decades of experience teaching English across the globe with diverse populations in academic and professional settings. Their deep knowledge of world languages and cultures, as well as the ELI’s small class sizes, allows instructors to provide immediate, individualized feedback to improve students’ approach to speaking and writing English.



Discussing Informational Interviews

As part of our ongoing collaboration with UChicagoGRAD, the ELI presented a special, career-focused Conversation Hour on May 10, 2019.

The topic of this session was “Informational Interviews”.  These are conversations held with a prospective employer before going through a formal interview or application process, or with an alumnus in your field to get advice or ideas about opportunities.

Pronunciation Teaching Tip: TESOL 2019

On March 15, 2019, Paul Quaintance, one of our pedagogy specialists, presented a teaching tip at TESOL, titled “Sequencing, Practicing, and Assessing Prosodic Features.”

One of Paul’s primary focuses at the ELI has been on teaching English pronunciation. During his time in the classroom, he discovered a useful context for helping ELI students control some fundamental prosodic features of English.

"Small talk" practice for career success

On Friday, Feb 8, 2019, the ELI co-hosted an English-language conversation hour called “Making small talk in a professional setting” with UChicagoGRAD.

In North America, one has to be able to hold short conversations with strangers in a variety of settings: during networking events, the opening of a job interview, at the water cooler at work, etc.

“I was always nervous about talking in English especially in those situations requiring unplanned speech. Now after taking Spoken Communication: Fluency Building, I feel much more confident by the skills learnt in this class. In this course, all levels of English speakers are engaged because of the professional guidance as well as the relaxed atmosphere. So it is quite a helpful class!”


Non-degree visiting scholar

“I enrolled in the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program: Writing because because I thought this is a great opportunity to learn North American academic writing, and it did really help me a lot. My instructor, Tim is very patient and thoughtful. He explained topics like controlling claims, sentence boundaries, and even networking etiquette. In addition, we even had outdoor excursion, which was a great way to get to know Chicago and your cohort! Lastly, thanks every instructor and staff member in the AEPP for providing such a fun and warm place for us to learn and have fun!”


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