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Every quarter, the ELI hosts free, drop-in extracurricular activities

Conversation Hour

Hosted by Amanda, our Senior Operations Manager & Language Pedagogy Jr. Associate, Conversation Hour gives you the opportunity to practice speaking English in a fun, relaxed setting. Each week, we have a new theme and/or topic to discuss, and you practice speaking and listening with other attendees.

You never know what to expect! One week might cover baseball idioms that North Americans frequently use, another might have a King Cake for Mardi Gras, and yet another might feature art sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago.

Each Conversation Hour is an opportunity for you to make new friends, pick up some new vocabulary, and most importantly, gain confidence when speaking in English.

All proficiency levels are welcome*

UChicago Weeks 2 – 9

Time: Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30p

*If you are not a UChicago degree-seeking student or postdoc, we may conduct a short interview to ensure that Conversation Hour is a good fit for you.


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“The activities hosted by ELI are a great opportunity to make friends. My favorite extracurricular activity is Conversation Hour. I was so impressed by the instructor’s lectures. She arranges a safe space for every attendee to practice English and learn about American culture. Surviving in foreign countries is tough, so international students like me should take full advantage of the resources offered by the University of Chicago.”


Masters Student

“I attended Conversation Hour in the Spring, which gave me ample opportunities to practice English. The ELI plays a key role in making UChicago an inclusive community that values multicultural and multidisciplinary backgrounds. I would like all the future participants to know and be proud of the fact that their attendance itself is an enriching factor to the university”


Masters Student

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