Spring 2021 Course Registration and Fees

In accordance with directives regarding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from the University of Chicago's President and Provost, the ELI's offerings will be taught remotely until further notice.

Spring 2021 registration has ended.

Spring 2021 Course Registration

Seats Remaining

Last updated: 4/14/21 2:00pm (Chicago Time)

Courses begin Monday, April 5, 2021

NOTE: All times listed below are Chicago Time
Seats are marked as “taken” only after an individual has completed an intake and paid for the course.
Individuals who are in the middle of this process are not reflected in the numbers below.
Course Type Course Name Days and Times (Chicago Time)
Instructor Seats Remaining
Spoken Communication Fluency Building [syllabus] MonWedFri 8-8:50a Ashley Merriweather 7
Spoken Communication General American Pronunciation [syllabus] TueThu 8-9:20a Ashley Merriweather 8
Spoken Communication Professional English [syllabus] TueThu 8-9:20a Joshua Ruddy 1**
Spoken Communication Academic Presentations [syllabus] MonWed 6:30-7:50pm Shane Dunkle 8
Written Communication Crafting Varied and Impactful Sentences [syllabus] Tue 7:40-10:40pm Paul Quaintance 5
Written Communication Standards and Conventions in North America [syllabus] Fri 7-10:00a Joshua Ruddy 8
Language Pedagogy Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL) [syllabus] TueThu 6-7:20pm Shane Dunkle 2**

Note: All courses require an intake interview/evaluation.

If indicated ** = remaining seats reserved for UChicago PhD, Masters, College students and Postdocs only

Course cost for 2020-21

  • PhD students: $100 per course
  • Masters and College students, and postdoctoral scholars: $200 per course
  • Other UChicago affiliates (non-degree visiting scholars, faculty, staff, partners and spouses): $300 per course
  • Non-affiliates of UChicago: $400 per course

Registration Schedule for Spring 2021

  • Mon Feb 22 – Fri Apr 2: Registration for UChicago degree-seeking students (PhD, Master’s, and College) and postdocs; other university affiliates, such as staff, faculty, non-degree visiting students, partners, and non-affiliates will be registered on a case-by-case basis towards the end of the registration period.
  • Mon Apr 5 – Fri Apr 9: Drop period (Those who drop beyond this period will forfeit the course fee.)

Partners and Spouses:

How to submit a registration form

Non-Affiliates of UChicago

The English Language Institute accepts non-affiliates of the University of Chicago into its courses on a case-by-case basis.

Cost: $400 per person per course

You will need to do an intake to make sure that the chosen course is a good fit for your language needs.

Note: Acceptance into an English Language Institute course does not make you an affiliate of the University of Chicago, and you will have no privileges given to university affiliates.

Questions can be directed to esl [at] uchicago [dot] edu

I took Spoken Communication: Academic Presentations because after giving and attending some academic presentations, I could see differences between native English speakers and my own way of presenting. The top things I learned were tips to emphasize important points such as pausing, stress, and intonation, which are not commonly used in my mother tongue. Other students should take this course because what you learn in this course can be applied not only to your presentations but also to talks in general contexts, especially in formal situations.”



“I took Written Communication: Standards and Conventions because I was not confident in my writing skills and I wanted to improve. I learned the rules of writing, how to write a paper, and what the professors want. International students should take this class because they have to learn a totally different writing system.”


Masters student

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