Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program

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The Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program (AEPP) is a rigorous and tremendously rewarding course designed to build academic proficiency in North American English. This three-week intensive course has two tracks: (A) Speaking and (B) Writing. You cannot do both, as the two tracks have similar content and themes (but the assignments will be speaking- vs. writing-based).

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The AEPP is designed for incoming international degree-seeking students for whom English is an additional language and who have not lived or studied extensively in Chicago. The program features interwoven linguistic, cultural, and academic objectives, and students interact with a range of native and non-native English speakers as they explore UChicago, Hyde Park, and the City of Chicago. Our curriculum is tiered, which means students will be seriously challenged regardless of their level of English.

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To register, (i) express your interest via Slate, (ii) contact your department, or (iii) contact the ELI at

In the AEPP students:

  • Build spoken or written Academic English proficiency through meaningful opportunities to improve linguistic performance in a range of North American contexts;
  • Establish a working knowledge of the City of Chicago, its history, neighborhoods, cultural diversity, and social issues through readings, films, television programs, and lectures;
  • Integrate into the UChicago campus, Hyde Park, and City of Chicago through structured out-of-class activities exploring neighborhoods and key cultural institutions;
  • Meet and network with students and professionals from different countries and areas of expertise.

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