ESL / EAL College Core Writing Tutor

The English Language Institute offers a Writing Tutor for University of Chicago College students with ESL/EAL needs.

The ESL/EAL College Core Writing Tutor is affiliated with the Writing Program.

1st/2nd-year College Core students with ESL/EAL needs are welcome to book an appointment with the Writing Tutor. Other undergraduates, grad students, and other affiliates may use the Writing Tutor on a drop-in basis (pending availability).

  • Days and Times for Winter 2020:
    • Sundays 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. (Weeks 2 – 11, except Jan 19, Feb 16, and Mar 8)
      • Special additional hours: Mon Feb 17 from 6-8p; Tues, Mar 10 from 6-8p; Sun Mar 15 from 4-8p
    • Thursdays 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. (Weeks 4 – 10, except Jan 30)
      • Shortened hours Weeks 2-3: Thur Jan 16 from 6-8p, and Thur Jan 23 from 6-8p
      • Special additional hours: Mon Mar 9 from 6-10p; Mon Mar 16 from 6-10p
  • Location: Harper Memorial Library, Cathey North Reading Room, Cubicle #20
  • Cost: None
  • College Core Students Can Book an Appointment: HERE
  • All others must go to the Cathey North Reading Room to drop in (pending availability)


      • The queue status can be seen here: [link]
        Example screenshot of student in queue
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NOTE: The Writing Tutor is not permitted to edit/proofread student work directly, but can identify patterns of error/issues.

The ESL/EAL College Core Writing Tutor can:

  • Discuss the specifications of an upcoming writing assignment  
  • Assist in selecting the appropriate wording/phrasing
  • Identify patterns of error in grammar and punctuation
  • Provide tips on producing greater sentence variety
  • Identify instances of ambiguity
  • Comment on an essay’s organization and information flow
  • Provide tips on including North American stylistic features to an essay
  • Help evaluate and integrate sources / cited literature
  • Discuss voice, formality, and tone of an essay
  • Provide self-editing tips and direct students to helpful writing resources



Meet our Winter 2020 Tutors

Eszter Ronai

Eszter is originally from Hungary, and has also lived in the U.K. She loves tutoring writing because she enjoys helping people one-on-one. she loves seeing how much language and structure can improve in a paper, regardless of the subject materials.

She is a PhD student in Linguistics. In her research, she wants to understand how people create meaning in the minds, because although it is a natural and automatic subconscious process, we don’t really understand it at all.

Feng Ye

Originally from Beijing, China, Feng holds a joint BA/MA in linguistic anthology from the University of Chicago. She loves how efficient writing tutoring is due to its one-on-one nature; a lot can be accomplished in a small amount of time.  

She is applying to PhD programs in anthropology. Her research interests include free speech, language ideology, and how people’s life experiences intersect with their language use.

“I enrolled in the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program: Writing because because I thought this is a great opportunity to learn North American academic writing, and it did really help me a lot. My instructor, Tim is very patient and thoughtful. He explained topics like controlling claims, sentence boundaries, and even networking etiquette. In addition, we even had outdoor excursion, which was a great way to get to know Chicago and your cohort! Lastly, thanks every instructor and staff member in the AEPP for providing such a fun and warm place for us to learn and have fun!”


Masters student

“I took Written Communication: Standards and Conventions because I was not confident in my writing skills and I wanted to improve. I learned the rules of writing, how to write a paper, and what the professors want. International students should take this class because they have to learn a totally different writing system.”


Masters student

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