Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to utilize the services provided by the ELI?
A: International University of Chicago degree-seeking students (PhD, Master's, College) and postdoctoral researchers. Other affiliates (UChicago staff, faculty, non-degree visiting scholars) are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Partners and spouses of students, postdocs, and affiliates are also accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: How much do the ELI services cost?
A: For 2018-19, the Academic Year Courses will cost $100 for PhD students, $200 for Master's/College students and postdocs, and $300 for non-degree visiting students, staff, faculty, partners, and other affiliates. Individualized Instruction costs $50 an hour/session. The cost for AEPP 2019 will be relayed to you by ELI staff if you contact aepp@uchicago.edu. The ELI Conversation Hour and ELI Board Game Group are free. The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor services are also free to a certain group of students (and are sponsored by certain programs).

Q: What is the Autumn 2018 schedule? 
A: Academic Year CoursesIndividualized InstructionELI Conversation Hour, and ELI Board Game Group for the Autumn quarter will generally run from Mon Oct 8 to Fri Dec 7. 

Q: How do I register?
A: For Academic Year Courses and Individualized Instruction, there is a registration form here and here. For ELI Conversation Hour and ELI Board Game Group, first-timers who are not degree-seeking students or postdocs will be interviewed briefly by the facilitators, but otherwise there is no registration (attendees simply drop in). The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor will have a sign-up form made available to eligible students. For the AEPP, incoming students should contact their Admissions office or Dean of students office.