Individualized Instruction

Individualized Instruction

For individualized instruction we create a customized course for UChicago students and post-doctoral scholars for whom English is an additional language. Potential students must meet with one of our language pedagogy specialists to design their course in one or more of the following categories:

  • Pronunciation and Fluency-Building
  • Academic Writing Strategies and Conventions
  • Conversation, Culture and Linguistic Pragmatics for Academic and   Professional Contexts
  • English for Career Professionalization  
  • Discipline-Specific English.   

Rules & Reminders

To be accepted into ELI customized courses, you must agree to the following:

  1. I understand that these are courses not tutoring sessions.  I must commit to a regular time and day either weekly or biweeekly.  

  2. I must arrive on time to each class session.  If I arrive more than 5 minutes late, my instructor may cancel the session.

  3. If I am enrolled in a writing course, I understand that under no circumstances will my instructor be able to assist me with proofreading or editing. (I can request information on how to improve my personal proofreading and editing skills, however.) 

  4. At the ELI, the instructors are trained professionals. They want me to be successful and will provide high-quality, individualized instruction. I understand that this, however, does not guarantee that my academic goals will be reached.